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Game vs. Storm B2 Orange, Part 3

There’s no doubt about it, Storm B2 Orange won the bragging rights to “best B2 Storm team.”  It was a hard fought game.  It wasn’t literally fought, although skaters in both black and white (or orange and black) got a wee bit chippy at times. Both penalty boxes were well-used.

Who remembers the exact score any more?  The B2 Orange team got a lot of goals (four, five?) and deserved to win.  They skated hard and passed the puck, although the game wasn’t as lop-sided as the score board showed.

Robert clearing the zone

Ross also clearing the zone...

...And skating across center ice. He glances across the rink to locate someone to be on the receiving end of his pass.

Simon winning a contest of strength.

Willy trying to look innocent.

Sam flips the puck back handed.

The combined Storm B2 program, the winning Orange team on the left (in black), and the losing Black team on the right (in white.) The winners received medals on a ribbon, and the losers got nifty scarves as a consolation prize. Which do you think will be around their necks longer?

If you guessed scarves, I agree. They'll be wearing them next year, long after all the medals are gathering dust at the bottom of some drawer. Kudos to the conference organizers! Andrew models one of the many alternative ways to wear a scarf.

Johnny tried the turban look, too. He now insists on being called "Lawrence of Washburn"

So that’s the end.  There is no more.  We’re mostly all going on to other pass-times.  Before too long, we’ll have to cut the grass, pull weeds, water the garden.  Then there’s beer and grilling.  (I’m gonna learn to yell, “hamburgers, hotdogs, BRATS”.)  Baseball, lacrosse, tennis, golf and soccer beckon skaters with the promise of sweat that doesn’t turn clammy and sunshine.  For the few, the chosen, who continue to haunt the dark rinks during the spring and summer months, we wish you success and improvement.  We’ll all have fun.

Until next fall, all the best to all the coaches, parents, but most of all skaters, whether they come back as pee wees, bantams or anything else.  See you at the rink!


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