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Game vs. Storm B2 Orange, Part 3

There’s no doubt about it, Storm B2 Orange won the bragging rights to “best B2 Storm team.”  It was a hard fought game.  It wasn’t literally fought, although skaters in both black and white (or orange and black) got a wee bit chippy at times. Both penalty boxes were well-used.

Who remembers the exact score any more?  The B2 Orange team got a lot of goals (four, five?) and deserved to win.  They skated hard and passed the puck, although the game wasn’t as lop-sided as the score board showed.

Robert clearing the zone

Ross also clearing the zone...

...And skating across center ice. He glances across the rink to locate someone to be on the receiving end of his pass.

Simon winning a contest of strength.

Willy trying to look innocent.

Sam flips the puck back handed.

The combined Storm B2 program, the winning Orange team on the left (in black), and the losing Black team on the right (in white.) The winners received medals on a ribbon, and the losers got nifty scarves as a consolation prize. Which do you think will be around their necks longer?

If you guessed scarves, I agree. They'll be wearing them next year, long after all the medals are gathering dust at the bottom of some drawer. Kudos to the conference organizers! Andrew models one of the many alternative ways to wear a scarf.

Johnny tried the turban look, too. He now insists on being called "Lawrence of Washburn"

So that’s the end.  There is no more.  We’re mostly all going on to other pass-times.  Before too long, we’ll have to cut the grass, pull weeds, water the garden.  Then there’s beer and grilling.  (I’m gonna learn to yell, “hamburgers, hotdogs, BRATS”.)  Baseball, lacrosse, tennis, golf and soccer beckon skaters with the promise of sweat that doesn’t turn clammy and sunshine.  For the few, the chosen, who continue to haunt the dark rinks during the spring and summer months, we wish you success and improvement.  We’ll all have fun.

Until next fall, all the best to all the coaches, parents, but most of all skaters, whether they come back as pee wees, bantams or anything else.  See you at the rink!


Game vs. Storm B2 Orange, Part 2

OK, now listen carefully.  Orange is black and Black is white.  Got it?

The B2 Orange team wore black jerseys, and the B2 Black team wore white.  As a result, the B2 Orange parents spent most of the game yelling things like, “Go Black!”  That was very nice and inclusive of them.

Jack was congratulated warmly upon scoring B2 Black's only goal. He survived.

Here's a better picture of Jack as he passes the puck

Jacob skating full out

Having won his race, Jacob prepares a shot.

Johnny with a save.

Luke taking a shot on goal.

Marco watching the puck after one face off...

...And Marco fighting for control of the puck after another face off

Max taking a shot. The B2 Orange goalie, who is very large, is on his knees on the right in this photo. We had great hopes for this shot, since the goalie was out of position and fills the net when he's in position.

Game vs. Storm B2 Orange, Part 1

Every hockey parent’s favorite day of the season is the Sunday of Wings of Spring.  There’s usually a hint of the warmth to come in the air, lifting everyone’s spirits after a long winter.  (The 64 degree sunshine today made if feel like Spring had actually arrived.)  The kids enjoy another tournament, and it’s always the best organized event of the season.  For the past few years that’s been due largely to the hard work of Paul Larson, tournament director, and a host of other volunteers.  It’s ironic though, that it’s put on by the Washburn Amateur Hocky Association, which has lost its colors to co-oping with Park Storm.

Leather-lunged Adrian, the grill guy, has brought his show on the road and bawls out “hamburgers…hotdogs…BRATS,” dropping several octaves to boom out the last item in his foghorn bass.  Teams come from far and wide to participate in one of the premier tournaments around.  It’s a real festival.  And best of all, IT’S THE LAST GAME OR PRACTICE OF THE SEASON!

Warming up before the game in the parking lot. Players try to avoid potholes that could disable them and prevent them from playing. Cars go to great lengths also.

The players close their eyes and enjoy the sun during warm-ups

Max acts out "wings of spring" during warm-ups

Connor on his way to the puck

Andy blocking a shot. If you search you'll find the puck. (OK, it's on the handle of his stick up by his glove.)

Andy stretching to protect the goal

Andrew stretching to move the puck through the defense

Drew controls the puck while the nearly the entire B2 Black defense looks on.

Henri diving for the puck

Game vs. Cedar Rapids, Part 3

The last few photos from the game between B2 Black and Cedar Rapids at the Wings of Spring tournament on March 13, 2010 , at Parade Ice Gardens.

Luke on the move

1. You can't see him, but Max has lofted the puck toward the net as the goalie commits himself too early

2. The puck finds its way, while the goalie finds himself face first on the ice

Johnny spent some time flat on the ice, too.

Simon skated the puck along the boards

Marco at a face off

Max starting a break away

Robert ready to back hand a pass

Game vs. Cedar Rapids, Part 2

Here are some more photos from the loss to Cedar Rapids.

Having trapped the puck, Johnny looks to see that no one is waiting before the refs whistle the play dead.

Jacob on the move

Jack made a fine defensive play, but lost his footing.

Sam skating the puck

Simon on defense

Andrew celebrates his goal as a disappointed opponent looks on

Drew making a play

Henri winding up for a shot on goal

Wyatt moving the puck out of the zone

Game vs. Cedar Rapids, Part 1

The second game of the Wings of Spring tournament for B2 Black was against Cedar Rapids, an all-star team they put together specially for the tournament, as some of us understand it.  The game was one of the best B2 Black played all season against a very strong team.  Late in the third period, the score was tied 3-3.  Then the Cedar Rapids team scored with only a few minutes left to play.  Coach Mars waved Johnny out of the goal and back to the bench in a last minute effort to force the game into overtime.  With 11 seconds left on the clock one of the opponents iced the puck, only his aim was a little better than we would hope.  The game ended 5-3 in Cedar Rapids’ favor, dashing championship hopes for the B2 Black team.

Marco on his way to a play

Willy defending the goal

Sam reaching for the puck at the red line

Connor starting an offensive onslaught

1. Johnny about to block a shot. The puck is right in front of him, and there's an open wing in front of the crease

2. Johnny deflects the shot, but the wing swoops in and...

3. ...Scores. Not Johnny's fault. We were missing a defenseman in front of the goal.

Max celebrates the first B2 Black goal of the game.

Wyatt pursued up the boards by a snarling opponent

Game vs. Albert Lea, Part 3

As the game wound down, B2 Black’s coach switched some of the offensive and defensive lines.  So, for example, it turns out that Marco and Jacob are excellent defenders, and Robert and Willy can put the puck in the net.  Who knew?

By the time you read this, the second game of the tournament will be history.  We have every reason to expect that it will be a very different sort of challenge.  Photos from that game follow will follow in the next few posts.

Every once in a while, Henri takes his eyes off the puck

Marco beats out an opponent as he crosses the blue line

One of Robert's two goals

Andy making another stop

Robert skating fast

Simon peels the puck from an opponent's stick

Max at full stride

Andrew stands back to let Jack give Andy a congratulatory hug